• IT Advisement

  • Server Configuration and Installation

  • Software Implementation

  • Backup Solutions

  • ​Phone Systems

  • Onsite Technical Support

IT Management

We understand the difficulties that come with running a business, and that your technology can hinder or increase productivity and profit.  Our engineers are here to take the burden of IT management and design off of your plate. 

I.T. Advisement Solutions

Enhance Business Productivity

Quality Affordable Care!

NavisPro I.T. Consulting Services

  • Optimization of existing infrastructure
  • Architectural design of new network
  • Systems maintenance and planning
  • Software and hardware recommendation and installation

I.T. Services & Proactive Monitoring

Do any of these situations apply to your business?        

  • Are your workstations using out of date Operating Systems?
  • Are you using workstations that are in need of an upgrade?
  • Do you easily perform, and are satisfied with your nightly backups?
  • Can you easily access a document from your backup solution?
  • Do employees complain that their computers are slow?
  • Can you access your network remotely?
  • Does your wireless network provide sufficient coverage and speed? 

                                                                                     ..........WE CAN HELP

Technology Management