Physical and User Security

One of the most important parts of maintaining the security of a system is often overlooked.  Trying to crack down on hackers, viruses, malware, and backdoors can often times occupy the security thoughts of any administrator.  Physical security varies depending on the organization, and it is important to understand where and how your systems are vulnerable.  Users or employees play a big part in making sure information and access is not given to those who don't need it.

Social engineering testing can help highlight those vulnerable areas.  Our trained staff can develop a testing plan based on the environment your organization, that will reveal weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your company.  

What we can do for you!

You will never be fully protected from social engineering or human hacking, but you can be prepared.  Our affordable testing and training, can prepare your organization for the elements of human hacking. 

The first defense to social engineering attacks is education and awareness.  Training your employees on the ins and outs of social engineering will prepare them to recognize an attack, and handle the situation with confidence.

  • Run a social engineering test on your company
  • Provide you with a detailed report on the findings
  • Prepare training for employees
  • Social engineering testing on your terms

 “Exploitation of the trusting nature of human beings to gain information for malicious purposes.”

Social Engineering

Active Testing

Will your employees pickup a USB stick and stick it in a company computer?  Or how about click a link in an email?  Either one can lead to serious consequences and potential monetary loss to your company.  

Our new SE testing can help you with this.  Our systems allows for onsite drops of USB drives loaded with software to determine when and where an employee sticks the drive into a computer.  We can also create an email with a link that will inform us when someone has clicked on the link.

This new testing strategy is going to educate your employees on how easy it is for a hacker to gain access to a system.  

This is a non-technical method of intrusion that depends heavily on human interaction.

Attackers use bits and pieces of any and all information about people and there organization.

Manipulation, trickery, and deception to gather information for unauthorized access.